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"For Out of Zion shall go Forth the Torah and the Word of the Lord from Jerusalem" — Isaiah 2:3

The Ministry

David and Josie

David and Josie have lived on Mt. Carmel since 1992 and are members of Kehilat ha Carmel congregation. David is an evangelist and has always had a strong calling to share the Gospel with the Jewish people.

Out of Zion Ministries

The Lord began to send David Out of Zion in 1995 and gave David the vision to bring Christians in the nations into the Jewish mission field which planted the seeds of Out of Zion Ministries in his heart.

Intercessors for the Restoration of Israel Ministry

Intercessors for the Restoration of Israel is an internet prayer network connecting Israel and the Nations. Josie sends out a monthly prayer points for intercessors in the nations to pray and intercede for Israel.

Israeli Products
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A Slow Train Coming

A Book by David Silver detailing the road map to Israels re-emergence and how it fits in with God's plan for Israel and The Nations. This book will open your understanding to the absolute importance of Israel for every one looking forward to the Kingdom of God

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Keren Silver Worship Albums

This is Keren Silver's second album of Israeli Messianic worship. many people around the world have been greatly blessed by her music she has received from God.

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The Carmel Alert

A weekly news compilation from israel on political developements and security updates and other important topics of the the past week.

IRI Bulletin

Join us in prayer as Josie updates you monthly on the most pressing topics for prayer and intercession in fields like: Government, Israel's Army, Aliyah and also request from brothers and sisters in our congregation.

Hebrew Nuggets

The Hebrew Nuggets are breakdowns and explanations to biblical and meaninful words from the Israeli language.